3 Basic Ways to Protect Your Smartphone Privacy (Android, iPhone, Blackberry OS)

By | June 19, 2014

Android, iPhone, and Blackberry OS are already equiped with basic protection sistem to keep your privacy safe. This security sistem protect your smartphone from other persons who want directly access your phone, seeing your messages, and take data from your phone’s memory card. How to set smartphone privacy security in Android, iPhone, Blackberry OS environment (in general)?


Follow these steps to protect your smartphone privacy:

1. First, set the camera picture taken, automaticly saved into smartphone’s internal memory. Never automaticly save picture into memory card, except you have selected manualy files/pictures and move them to memory card (as a backup files, for exemple). Memory card is a removable device. People can steal data from the memory card by removing it from the protected smartphone and put it into another smartphone / tablet or notebook computer.

2. Never set automatic ONLINE data backup or automatic share (photos, videos, files) to public online storage like photo backup, google plus auto backup, dropbox, etc. Just upload files you realy want to share to public by yourself and never let an automatic sistem to do it. Sometimes we have some privat data or photo or video that are only concern to us.

3. Use or activate the Lock Screen Security setting. Each Operating System has its own screen lock system, like face and voice detection, PIN, password, finger print and pattern.

Hope this solution could prevent others from seeing personal data on your smartphone. To make your android better protected by keep it always up to date, please refer to the recommendation link below.


How to Update Android OS : Automatic or Manual Update


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