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By | June 9, 2014

Create a Sitemap and upload it to the web server is an effective way to notify the search engine about all pages in a website. Basically, sitemap is a file containing a list of every website’s pages that encourage search engine (especialy google search engine) to find all site content.


Make sure that Google knows about all the pages on your site, Including URLs that may not be discoverable by Google’s normal crawling process.

Sitemap make content structure of a website will be easily recognized by Search Engines. Therefore become a necessity for webmasters to create a sitemap on every site.

There is a very simple and quick way to make, using a sitemap generator tool. One of the most powerful and reliable sitemap generators you can find in, Google XML sitemap generator, Google XML sitemap generator

 Lets take these steps:

  •     Go to site
  •     Put your website address (URL)
  •     Press the “Start”
  •     Wait for a while
  •     Download your sitemap file as needed and save it on your computer
  •     File consists of several formats, including: sitemap.xml, sitemap.html, etc..

Now you already have a sitemap file. But it is not enought, the next step you should do are:


  •     Upload the sitemap to your website.
  •     Save the file in the main folder of your website (the root folder)
  •     Check the existence of a sitemap with open URL of your sitemap. For example: http://www.yoursite/sitemap.xml
  •     Login to Google Webmaster Tools, and add your sitemap URL.

If it is successful, your website now recognized by Google, or maybe already has some visitors 🙂


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