How to Drive Traffic to a New Blog

By | August 18, 2014

drive traffic

The very first problem when starting a brand new blog is to get visitors in. Well, but, how to get visitors when your site name not yet in Google search engine index? So, the first step yous have to do is…

1.Make your site to be known by google.

It could be done by just waiting for some days so your site will be found when you search in google search engine or subscribe it manualy to google.

2. Promote your site and articles with social media.

Join many groups in social media, better groups with the same niche with your articles subjects, and post your articles there.

3. Don’t forget to add social share buttons.

Your readers will help share your articles to their relations and friends.

4. Add good quality pictures related to your articles.

Good quality pictures will make your reader enjoying the entire article you wrote. They make your article looking more interesting and easy to understand.

5. Re-share or re-tweet your past articles.

Not all your connection had known about your previous posts. Re-share or re-tweet it will make your posts sawn and adding more new visitors to your blog.


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