10 Most Popular Free Softwares Download 2016

Referring to one of the most popular free software download sites, has been selected 10  free software considered to be the most popular free software in 2016. Maybe these 10 softwares are the most downloaded on the internet. Most of them are already familiar to us. Like ShareIt in the 3rd position, CcCleaner and the VLC video… Read More »

Download Free Softwares from Filehippo

Where is the best place to download free legal softwares safely and easily? No malware, no redirection to others download site that require torrent. Many sites on the Internet offer free software but not much that makes us comfortable when making a download. filehippo.com is a free software download website which I think is the best.… Read More »

Create a Sitemap – Google XML Sitemap Generator

Create a Sitemap and upload it to the web server is an effective way to notify the search engine about all pages in a website. Basically, sitemap is a file containing a list of every website’s pages that encourage search engine (especialy google search engine) to find all site content. Quote: Make sure that Google… Read More »

Free Premium Quality WordPress Themes from Fabthemes

Using google search engine, we can easily find a lot of free but poor quality wordpress themes. If we want to get a free wordpress theme with premium quality, I recommend www.fabthemes.com. The site is special because they provide a very excellent design quality free wordpress themes. We can say their free themes almost as… Read More »

The iPhone 5’s Five Strengths and Weaknesses

What do you expect from a highend smartphone like iPhone 5? Not only for phone call, SMS, instant messaging, and internet connection capabilities, we are looking for comfortable browsing, beautiful and bright screen, good camera and photo quality, accurate navigation and much more. Many improvment in iPhone 5 compared to the previous generation. More user… Read More »

5 Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Free Version Antivirus

A free version product usually use for consumers introduction.It can function properly, but still has limitations. We can use it but we should not rely on it. There are 5 advantages and 5 disadvantages about free version of antivirus which can be our concern as follows: 5 advantages: 1. It is free, so we do… Read More »

Free Antivirus Download AVG, AVAST & AVIRA

Before deciding to purchase a paid version antivirus, we better try the free version first. The free version is not a trial, but it is completely free, of course, with any shortcomings versus the paid version. However, it is good enought to provide a basic security for our computer from virus attacks. You can download… Read More »