The Best Ways to Improve Alexa Rank Quickly

By | July 7, 2014


Alexa rank

Alexa rank

Alexa rank is one of so many ways for people to judge about sites’ popularity. The highest alexa rank a site got, the most popular a site is. Popular here means that this site has so many visitors and more visitors than other sites.

What is alexa? Alexa is an’s company, that is a rangking system based on number of traffic a site got from unique visitors that already had alexa toolbar installed on their browser. Which kind of sites that have a good alexa rank? Sites with good content, that are regulary updated and promoted, usually have a good alexa rank.

Why alexa rank is so important for my site?

How important is alexa rank for your site? The answer is depend on yourself. What is your goal about your site? For self-popularity? With good alexa rank your site will be popular and well known and so you are as a site / blog writer. For earning money from ads or getting sponsors for your site? Good alexa rank will attract investors to put their ads (banner, text, video ads, etc.) on your site and give you payment, like google adsense, independent company with the same niche, etc. Why they want to do that? As explained above, good alexa rank means many people visit your site. Many people will be a good market target for advertisers.

Tips to increase alexa rank for bloggers, you can follow these steps:

1. Prepare your site and fulfill it with high quality content

2. Claim and verify your site / blog on Alexa

a. Create an Alexa account


b. You can create an account via email registration or from your Facebook account.


c. After finishing your registration process, login to your account, go to dashboard and add your site.


d. You will see these packages to choose but ignore them, go to the bottom of the page and click on “claim a site” link.




e. Insert your site name to claim it.


f. Choose the claim methode. We recommend that you chose the Methode 1, more simple and easy.






G. After that, you have successfully claimed your site on Alexa, that will help to improve your sites’s alexa rank.

3. Install alexa toolbar on your browser










4. Put alexa rank widget on your site / blog

There was an old way to get alexa rank widget and put it on your blog, but is seem does not work anymore. Alexa does not give any note on the alexa’s site about how to create a rank widget. But, we could try this other way How to Create Alexa Rank Widget for your Blog?

5. Promote your site

– Social share

Share your articles on Facebook, Twiter, Google + and other social networks to get more visitors from your social communities.

– Social bookmark

Share your articles on social bookmark sites like Reddit, digg, etc.

– Forum

Share your articles on many forum.

– Blog commenting


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