The iPhone 5’s Five Strengths and Weaknesses

By | June 7, 2014

iPhone 5

What do you expect from a highend smartphone like iPhone 5?

Not only for phone call, SMS, instant messaging, and internet connection capabilities, we are looking for comfortable browsing, beautiful and bright screen, good camera and photo quality, accurate navigation and much more.

Many improvment in iPhone 5 compared to the previous generation. More user friendly and attractive. Better camera quality, clear display and very good interface.

Let’s summarize The iPhone 5’s Five Strengths and Weaknesses , although many improvement achived there are still shortcomings that must be fixed in the next version.

5 Strengths

1. Performace
iPhone 5 has better speed and faster application processing for multitasking.

2. New Design
Slimer, lighter and comfortable grip. Wider , sharper and brighter screen.

3. Camera
Better camera quality, sharper, clear and produce a good quality image in lighting less environment.

4. Better maps and accurate
After leaving google map permanently, Apple made many improvement in Apple map. Although there are still some issues on its maps but many people satisfied.

5. Siri
Siri function function better and more accurate. Some functions faillure have been fixed 90% fiture work properly.

iPhone siri

iPhone siri


5 Weaknesses

1. Design
Not much changed from previous versions of apple and look boring. Ya, still with same look and its appearance characteristic.

2. Incompatible apps
Many applications used in previous version no longer function on the iphone 5

3. Map
Apple map still lack of information about transportation info needed by travelers.

4. Incompatible iPhone Case
Since the first iPhone user should buy a new case when replacing iphone to a newer version. It also happens on the iPhone 5 in which users have to buy a new case for it.

5. Battery
If you wish the iPhone 5’s battery will be more durable than its predecessor you will surely be disappointed by the fact that there are no significant changes in the specifications of the iPhone 5 battery.


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